During this pandemic, we've chosen to produce reusable PM2.5/N93 masks for the NYC Health + Hospitals and health-care centers across the country, through organizations like Skilled Laborers Brigade (https://www.skilledlaborersbrigade.com/donate), in style developed to by Victoria Adrian and Erika Ceruzzi, and to recoup costs we are producing ball-caps in collaboration with ourselves (arena) and good friend and partner (AllMyHatsAreDead) to recoup mask-production costs.

Cover Your Face

  • powder blue - SOLD OUT


    turquoise - SOLD OUT


    white - SOLD OUT


    lavender - SOLD OUT


    pink - SOLD OUT


    With your purchase of this hat we will be able to produce 5[pcs] PM2.5/N93 masks to be donated to NYC Health + Hospitals and health-care centers across the country.