The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly repaved the landscape of the entire world, and shortages of masks have left those on the frontlines vulnerable, while they answer the call and aid the sick.

During this pandemic, we've chose to produce and donate reusable PM2.5/N93 masks for NYC Health + Hospitals System, developed by Victoria Adrian, a master tailor and chain-stitch embroider, and NYC based artist, Erika Ceruzzi, and will be distributed directly to the City, and through Skilled Laborers Brigade and other organizations like it.

As a means to recoup production costs for the masks and a memento for your generosity, arena has collaborated with good friend, Cary Campbell of All My Hats Are Dead to produce the “Cover Your Face” cap - a play on the Grateful Dead album “Steal Your Face” in the mask mandatory to society—that is now.


As an act of solidarity, the caps are themed in the color ways of the hospital scrubs worn by health care workers as a thank you to them and their services.

Each donation amount includes 1 hat for the benefactor and a set amount of masks to be manufactured.


Donation Scale:

$33 produces 2 masks

$51 produces 5 masks

$76   produces   7 masks *benefactor receives  1 Black/Neon mask for themselves

$101  produces 11 masks *benefactor receives 2 Black/Neon masks for themselves

$200 produces  24 masks *benefactor receives 3 Black/Neon masks for themselves


Masks for Heath Care Workers of NYC, and beyond:

100% cotton, 5oz. Beige quilt-backing w/ Celadon elastic

Mask options for purchase:

1. 100% cotton 5oz Black quilt-backing w/ Neon-Green elastic

2. 100% cotton 4oz Seersucker Spill-Dyed w/ Black elastic

         -(courtesy of Josh Matthews of COMMA)

3. 100% cotton, 5oz. Beige quilt-backing w/ Celadon elastic

All masks are manufactured (in-house) with interchangeable filter slot w/ flat-wire aluminum nose bridge and are accompanied by either a carbon PM2.5 filter or 3M™ N93 high-test Filtrete™ furnace filter (2), purchased direct from their manufacturers.

If you would like to simply donate to this cause, and are not in need of a mask, nor want a ball-cap,

there is the option to do so, on the home-page of this site.

Thank You for your support in aiding us bless and support the health care workers on the frontlines-

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